Mentorship & Outreach

I have taken on a number of teaching, mentoring, and outreach roles as a graduate student to improve my science communication skills and share my passion for science with people of all backgrounds.


Teaching Fellow: General Microbiology Lab (CAS BI 311)
(Fall 2021, Fall 2022)
Fall 2021: I taught microbiology techniques to two classes of 20 students (8 hours per week). As the lab teacher, I guided students through their own research projects identifying bacteria from soil samples and estimating water quality.
Fall 2022: I am the head TF of BI 311. In addition to teaching the microbiology lab, I help to prep the classroom materials and lecture content for the rest of the lab teaching team.

Teaching Fellow: Applications in Translational Bioinformatics (CAS BF 528)
(Spring 2022)
I mentored four groups of 3-4 students through group projects replicating bioinformatics analyses from journal articles.


Letters to a Pre-Scientist Pen Pal
(2022 – 2023 School Year)
I was paired with a 6th-grader pre-scientist pen pal to serve as a scientist role model for the student and help them connect more personally to their science curriculum throughout the school year.

End-of-Summer 2022 lab party to celebrate the great work that our summer interns did!

Undergraduate Research Mentor
(Fall 2021 – Present)
I have mentored six undergraduate students in molecular and chemical techniques. I am providing guidance not only in research techniques but also in choosing a career path. I will be advising one of my students through a Senior Theses Project during the 2022-2023 school year.

My mentee Sofia He (Class of 2022) was accepted to pursue her Master’s in Biotechnology in at the National University of Singapore!

Visiting my mentee at her GROW Symposium

Greater Boston Research Opportunities for Young Women (GROW) High School Student Research Mentor
(Summer 2022)
I mentored a rising high school senior through an independent summer research project in both computational biology and molecular wet lab techniques.

Research in Science and Engineering (RISE) High School Student Research Mentor
(Summer 2021)
I mentored a rising high school senior, Ryan Huang, through an independent summer research project in computational biology.

Following his work with me, Ryan was accepted to the Brown University Program in Liberal Medical Education.

Broadening Participation in STEM

Bioinformatics Program Recruiting at Conferences
(October & November 2022)
I attended the SACNAS National Diversity in STEM conference and Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists as a program ambassador for Boston University Bioinformatics.

oSTEM Conference Workshop collaboration with Union of Concerned Scientists
(November 2022)
Worked with the Union of Concerned Scientists to develop a workshop about engaging policymakers about science policy issues that was presented at the 2022 Out in STEM conference in Boston for LGBTQ+ scientists.

Artemis Project
(Summer 2022)
I was a guest speaker for Boston University’s Artemis Project for girls going into high school interested in computer science and engineering. I gave a talk about my path from high school to graduate school and a brief talk about my research.

Showing the Teen Urban Tree Corps interns an urban soil core vs. a rural soil core to discuss how urbanization impacts the health of trees and soil!

Teen Urban Tree Corps
(Summer 2021)
I was a guest speaker for a Speak for the Trees Boston summer internship for Boston high schoolers. I gave an informational talk about my path from high school to graduate school and my research interests. I then performed a demonstration in which students looked at soil samples from urban and rural green spaces and hypothesized how the differences in their observations could impact tree health.

Boston University Bioinformatics Research and Interdisciplinary Training Experience (BRITE) NSF REU
(Spring 2020, Spring 2021, Spring-Summer 2022)
I have helped Dr. Gary Benson review applications to the BRITE REU, with a focus on providing Bioinformatics research opportunities for women, minorities, students with disabilities, veterans, and those in schools with limited research opportunities. I have also helped to execute social activities, such as a visit to the Museum of Science and a board game night, to get students familiar with Boston, each other, and the current Ph.D. students in the BU Bioinformatics program.

Judging iGEM projects with my fellow Purdue iGEM alumni!

International Genetically Engineered Machine Conference Judge
(Fall 2019, 2020)
I reviewed high school and undergraduate student team synthetic biology projects and provided feedback and encouragement for future research projects.

Community Outreach

Community Tree Stories: Exploring Healthy Environments in Three Boston Environmental Justice Neighborhoods
(Summer 2022)
I am collaborating with Speak for the Trees Boston to increase awareness surrounding inequitable tree canopy cover and its importance to the health of residents living in Boston. I am working with residents and organizations in Mattapan, Dorchester, East Boston, Roxbury, and Hyde Park to develop a Community Tree Walk that infuses community stories, wisdom, and needs with my scientific expertise on tree-associated microbiomes and their importance to both tree and human health!

Arnold Arboretum Summer Institute
(Summer 2022)
I worked with my lab and Arnold Arboretum staff to create a curriculum for the final day of the Summer Institute with the theme “Science Is … Interconnected”. I worked hands-on with local K-12 teachers to teach them how to bring fungi into their science curriculum.

Engaging Policymakers in Washington D.C.
(Summer 2022)
I was funded by the URBAN Program to go to Washington D.C. to learn how I can blend my science with federal policy, build relationships with policymakers, and network with scientists working in policy with various non-governmental organizations!

Boston Science Survey
(Summer 2021)
I worked with local science stakeholders to develop science policy-related questions for candidates running for city-wide office. I then helped to develop a website and Twitter account to present the candidates’ unedited responses to the survey.

Massachusetts Science Debate
(Fall 2020)
I worked with the Massachusetts Science Policy Network to develop science policy-related questions for candidates running for statewide office. I then organized a panel of science policy stakeholders to discuss the candidates’ answers and their potential consequences for Massachusetts residents.

Academic Involvement

Non-Academic Career Panel
(Fall 2022 – Present)
I am organizing and moderating a panel for the Biogeosciene Program. The panel consists of PhDs who are now working in non-academic careers. I am the point-of-contact for a panelist and organized event advertising.

Student-Organized Symposium Committee (SOS)
(Summer 2022 – Present)
I am on the organizing committee for the 2023 Bioinformatics Student-Organized Symposium. As a committee member, I coordinate nominations of speakers and serve as the point person for catering and one of the symposium keynote speakers.

Boston University Science Policy Network (BUSPN)
(Fall 2020 – Present)
I am currently the president of BUSPN (August 2022 – present), having served as the secretary since Fall 2020. BUSPN organizes events such as policy memo and elevator pitch workshops, networking events with the Union of Concerned Scientists, and a science book club.

Bioinformatics Organized Students (BiOS)
(Fall 2020 – Present)
I am currently the Support Branch Co-Chair of BiOS. As the Chair, I write a weekly newsletter about program happenings and plan events for first- and second-year PhD students to help them adjust to graduate student life, choose a lab to join, select their thesis advisory committees, and prepare for qualifying exams. I have previously served on the Social Committee of BiOS.

Bioinformatics Interview Open House
(Spring 2021, 2022)
I have coordinated over 15 hours of 20-minute interviews between prospective students and faculty, organized lab and campus tours, Q&A panels, lightning talks, and social events for current students to interact with interviewees and give perspectives about being a Boston University graduate student, and assigned mentors to prospective students to provide them with support during the interview process.